In terms of haki, since we haven't really seen anything from either character, we'll just assume that since they're around the same level of power. When it comes to durability, he so far beats every other character on this list. But if we take Shanks out of the question it looks as though Blackbeard is currently the smartest Yonko which is absolutely crazy to me because Blackbeard doesn't really seem that smart until you learn about his master plans and how he orchestrates them. So I would say if the two were to fight one-on-one, it would be very hard to imagine who would come out on top, but even though the two are pretty much neck-and-neck Kizaru does beat Mihawk in one thing, which would be his connections. The first group we need to talk about is his own crew. Jack is definitely as strong or probably stronger than Mihawk because they both have the ability to destroy pretty much anything they come in contact with. Marco can let attacks pass through him and soak in Sakazuki, so really they each have a lot of benefits but in my opinion even though they both have a lot of positives and equal ground, I would still give the edge to Marco's fruit because his fruit allows him to do so much aside from the destruction aspect including constantly healing his wounds through regeneration, which is honestly something I think very few fruits will ever be able to compare to. This alliance will definitely be a key factor in accomplishing that goal, and seeing as they already overthrew the Doflamingo family, with their alliance we can see that together they can accomplish some great things Luffy is also allies with Boa Hancock who is a Shichibukai. Thus, having this crew on Cracker’s side proves to be a very beneficial and powerful asset to have. but to what extent we'll have to find out. The first is that many of his techniques require Luffy to compress, rather than stretch. Additionally, he was also able to fight against Silvers Rayleigh until their battle resulted in a stalemate. Let’s get back to Cracker! Jack has already fallen when faced with multiple strong marines, so he would be toast. This is also one of the stronger techniques we've seen so far in the One Piece world. Finally, in regards to his connections, at the moment it feels as if he doesn't have nearly as many as others on this list but it is important to consider that there are probably plenty of allies the audience doesn't know about. Also Kaido was on his way to kill Whitebeard before they made it to marine Ford but we learned that Shanks managed to intercept Kaido and stop him from coming so either A. the Red Hair Pirates defeated Kaido easily because they showed no signs of being injured from any previous battle when they arrived, or B. Shanks managed to persuade Kaido not to attack. Jack is a very quick tempered character who will use any method possible to do whatever it is he sets out to do; one example of this is when his crew suggested they not attempt to rescue Doflamingo because he is so heavily guarded but because jack is not level-headed he completely refused to listen and did it anyway. As a traversal party, he naturally had golden fingers, but his golden fingers turned out to be the dragon annihilator system from the demon tail! So the fact that, Next up is his intelligence and let me just say that. But Kizaru also has something that the rest of them do not, which is the ability to initiate a Buster Call and although Luffy survived one before he wouldn't really have it easy the next time. When he does his swords cutting power, his overall attack power is greatly increased, to the point where Cracker almost cut off luffy's arm with his haki imbued sword while luffy was using gear fourth! When it comes down to speed, Doflamingo is tremendously fast. He has a bounty of over 4.6 billion berries on his head, which is the highest known active bounty for any character right now. So with his great endurance and pain tolerance, this fruit is perfect for Marco and is without a doubt the very best devil fruit on this list so far, giving him a major advantage over other characters. Although he's not exactly on good terms with the World Government or the Celestial Dragons for that matter, he still has the ability to use their power for his own benefit, which is something pretty much every other character on this list will never be able to do. Whether or not he would actually be killed is another story. For instance, this attack was enough to burn off a big chunk of White Beard's head with only a glancing blow. This one was probably pretty obvious since none of the Yonko have appeared on this list until now other than mentions of how powerful they are, but our number one spot is actually shared with all four of them. In my opinion, I think this is probably currently Luffy's most powerful attack. Mihawk is very good at judging someone's strengths and knowing when he needs to test them. We just went over a lot of information… probably too much information for that matter, but knowing everything you can possibly know about these characters and looking at every angle is very important. The full version of this form was achieved after Luffy ate a tremendous amount of biscuits, to the point where he was extremely round and bloated. Other than that, it takes a huge toll on his body and so does Cracker’s with prolonged use, but luckily for Cracker, his does not harm his well being, it just wears him out. It should also be noted that Kaido's dream is to create the strongest crew the world has ever seen by composing it of nothing but devil fruit users so these gift errs are superior in strength to the pleasures and then after that we have the three disasters which are Kaido’s strongest members and his right-hand men the only one we know about currently is Jack who is strong enough on his own to make it on this list so I can only imagine what the other two are like in addition to his crew Kaido also has his allies and subordinates the first we'll mention is Doflamingo and caesar clown they were in charge of getting Kaido his smiles and although Doflamingo and caesar were defeated and the smile production was stopped Kaido still considers at th every least Doflamingo and ally as he sent Jack to rescue him and like we talked about earlier Doflamingo is also on this list meaning that so far Kaido has two of the strongest allies in One Piece even though he considers Doflamingo rather weak. His relationship with Shanks is very important because it shows the level Luffy needs to reach to truly become the King of the Pirates. This being said, I would be willing to bet that Jack has at the very least armament haki and his haki is on the same level as Cracker’s. Well in terms of strength, I would like to say he matches well with Jack. Having an ally to someone who was stronger than Jack himself is definitely a big plus, but on top of that, since Jack himself is one of Kaido's right-hand men, Jack has authority over anyone below himself. In my previous One Piece top 10, I did say this article wouldn't be coming out for quite a while. Now that's impressive! Now in terms of raw power, I feel like Doflamingo has the edge, but Kuzan would still be able to give him a pretty difficult time. With the addition of this haki Luffy also gains access to a new range of abilities which involve fire. What Cracker lacks in durability, he makes up for in stamina as he was able to easily fight and chase after Luffy for 11 hours while constantly using his, Another example of his deception is the way he tried to fool Luffy into thinking his. However, his armament haki is definitely the strongest we've seen on this list so far. Being the rank of Admiral means that he is one of the Marine’s strongest fighters and he definitely shows that he is. There is a good chance that the other three Yonko could have stronger Haki or at least Armament Haki, but for now Shanks has the strongest Haki. I feel like since his lasers are so powerful he can easily overpower almost every character on this list. Along with the speed his devil fruit gives him, it makes it so pretty much everyone on this list is hopeless intaking him down. That being said, he is still able to take on these same deadly attacks while they are imbued with haki, which bypass his devil fruit powers. But to be fair, since we can only assume we'll just say that he's somewhere between average and above average intelligence. Now for Jack's. In terms of haki, Luffy has the edge but only because we truly don't know what Kuzan can really do. He is also a very smart character, being able to analyze any situation or character and execute a plan accordingly. The first attack was an indirect hit and it really only seemed to annoy him rather than actually injure him, and then he also took a point-blank quake bubble attack to his head and neck while being pinned down and, although he was injured quite a bit from this attack, he didn't die, or even pass out for that matter. Shanks used to be rivals with Mihawk but since he lost his arm it seems as though the two are just mere acquaintances, but on good terms. Stupid lightning struct the living legend and knocked him out. Athlete, which is where Doflamingo attaches strings to his foot and then sends a powerful kick to his opponent. A lot of people have some pretty interesting theories about it but we really can't know for sure if he actually has eaten one or not so, again I guess we'll just have to wait and find out. Also, one thing I wanted to add was that Doflamingo can imbue the strings from his devil fruit with haki as well, meaning that his already overpowered strings can now injure logia users and when Doflamingo used this against Smoker who is a logia user he was severely injured because of it. For instance Tamago and Peckham’s are both members of her crew who are from different races. Basic Haki > Advanced Haki > Supreme Haki (a most powerful form of haki). In terms of intelligence, which we really know nothing about so there's not much to comment on, but I personally feel like Kaido is going to end up being the least intelligent of the four Yonko. Most likely Monkey D. Dragon is a former Gorosei, the youngest one in history!!! We first saw this when Marco flew up to the execution platform while being shot multiple times by Marines and each bullet passed right through him and didn't seem to affect him whatsoever. This means Luffy has connections in all the right places which will definitely help him throughout his journey and all of these connections are very important in calling Luffy one of the strongest characters in the One Piece world. This is however due to his devil fruit ability which we will get to later. For instance, he was easily able to battle against “Diamond” Jozu and even White Beard himself while being seemingly equal in power to them. Considering that Kuzan was formerly an admiral of the marines, he has immense physical strength. When it comes to his haki, we know that Marco is able to use armament haki and he is able to use it pretty proficiently. Best Anime to Watch – Top 30 Anime of 2018, One Piece Filler List – One Piece Anime Guide, Solo Leveling Chapter 122 Release Date, Spoilers, and Where to Read, Boruto Chapter 51 Release Date & Where you can read it, Naruto Shippuden Filler List – Naruto Shippuden Anime Guide, Best Anime of 2019- Top 15 Anime you can watch. Kaido purchases these through Doflamingo via the Underworld and although Doflamingo fears Kaido and was afraid Kaido would kill him if he could not produce the SMILES, Kaido still sent one of his strongest men, a member of the three Disasters, Jack the Drought to try and rescue Doflamingo from the Marines. Additionally, while he is in this form, he also increases his defense and endurance, just due to his sheer size. So because of all that, I would say Sakazuki is physically the most well-rounded character so far. Along with this, because his, Cracker can also apply haki to his biscuits which means not only do they become stronger and more durable, but they also now have the ability to hurt, Finally, in regards to his connections, at the moment it feels as if he doesn't have nearly as many as others on this list but it is important to consider that there are probably plenty of allies the audience doesn't know about. This devil fruit allows the user to generate and to manipulate biscuits at will. Along with this, Jim Bay is pretty much confirmed to eventually become a member of Luffy's crew so with his influence and power it will be awesome to have him aboard. It has also been said that while he was in the Marines, he was very popular with Marines of all ranks, which leads me to believe that even though he is not still a member of the Marines, he still has his connections from within to a certain extent. I feel like Big Mom is close to their level of intelligence but she's just not quite that smart. Compared to Doflamingo, I feel the two would have a very interesting fight because I feel like Mihawk may be one of the few people who could actually cut through Doflamingo strings with his sword but will likely never know for sure if that's actually possible but the two are very similar with both strength and intelligence. So already Marco has a crew and potentially a fleet on his side along with great influence. I am sure every one piece fan knows this that he is the most wanted man in one piece world. In addition to that Kizaru can also revoke a Shichibukai’s status at any time, which means that if Mihawk does want to keep his connection to the World Government, he has to somewhat get along with Kizaru. That being said, just because Luffy won those fights, does not mean he is the stronger character by any means. These strings can be generated from seemingly any part of the users own body, including their organs, and are mostly seen protruding from the users palms and fingertips. Doflamingo can also choose to bring the cage boundaries closer to him, forcing people on the inside to inevitably come closer and closer to his location and he can also control the speed in which the cage moves at will. With that being said, if it really came down to it, I feel like Mihawk may try to chop Marco into a ton of pieces while using haki to try and defeat him, but who knows, maybe it would, maybe it wouldn't. Most of his attacks are kick based in conjunction with his devil fruit abilities, but his kicks alone are also something to fear. But even so right now with the two devil fruits he does have Blackbeard is already almost unstoppable. For instance, he is allied with the Heart Pirates and Trafalgar Law, and together they are on a mission to defeat the young Kaido, who is considered the strongest creature in the world. So it's honestly hard for me to gauge just how smart she really is at this point in time especially with such a dangerous eating disorder, so for now we'll just say she's moderately intelligent. In regards to connections, Mihawk will lose pretty much every time, but since he excels at everything else, Mihawk surpasses Luffy. Kaido is most notable physical ability if it is physical is his inability to die as you can see there have been numerous attempts to kill him each one resulting in failure and Kaido has also attempted to kill himself multiple times each time also resulting in failure so it's pretty much impossible to kill him apparently. It should also be noted that since Kizaru himself is so fast he can easily keep up with others who are quite quick. Why Kaido is Called The Strongest Creature! Even though Luffy's normal speed is nothing special on its own, it is multiplied greatly with the use of his gear second technique, but we'll talk about that in a minute. So as of right now, I would say that Shanks and Blackbeard are both even in terms of intelligence. Additionally, Luffy can also add armament, In addition to this, Luffy can also enhance his gear third techniques with armament, Gear fourth also gives Luffy amazing defensive capabilities. Although it should also be noted that since Black Beard defeated the White Beard Pirates along with Marco during the timeskip, his current whereabouts or status are currently unknown meaning that a lot of his allies also could have perished. There must be some reason Shanks doesn't have very many either way I'm sure we will find out later on, but that does it for Shanks so out of the four Yonko. He has incredible eyesight and observation skills, being able to quickly pick out everything in his surroundings and even pick out his target like a needle in a haystack. Also unlike most other logia this fruit’s element is solid, meaning that although Kuzan could turn into his element to bypass attacks he will still be physically hit. Despite not having any special moves up his sleeve, he can command time and space. Even though these characteristics are definitely some of the best we've seen, he does have two downfalls which are his haki, or lack thereof, and his intelligence. The Gum Gum rifle is where Luffy twists his arm while he stretches them and once his arms stretch forward far enough and make contact with the enemy, his arms untwist to create more force dealing a deafening blow. He was also able to take a direct slash attack from Whitebeard without any lasting damage. However this was done with the help of Doflamingo imbuing haki into the God Thread as well, so it is possible for him to add haki to his awakened abilities, making them even stronger if you can believe that, but that pretty much covers his devil fruit abilities. That being said, it is highly probable that the other characters on this list would still be able to get back up and fight after taking on that attack, thus his durability could be a tad bit better. It is also important to note that Smoothie has the second highest bounty revealed in the series, which is 932,000,000 bellies, so she is without a doubt on the same level or higher than cracker based on bounty alone. In terms of haki, Sakazuki has some of the best haki abilities we've seen or at least if it was haki he was using. Goshikito, which is where Doflamingo swipes his hand to send string from each finger flying at his opponent or other object and these strings can cut through almost anything like we recently stated. For a few different examples, Doflamingo was never even injured until the Dressrosa Arc and with that you need to keep in mind he also participated in the Marineford War where so many big names were injured in one way or another, yet Doflamingo made it out without even a scratch. So from what we know right now I would be willing to bet that Shanks currently has the strongest Haki in the series, but, again we cannot know for sure. Additionally an SBS volume has stated that Shanks’ Haki is so powerful that he could have knocked out all of the men and New Fish-Man Pirates back during the Fish-Man Island Arc. In regards to connections, I have to give this one to Big Mom for her massive crew and a massive set of allies compared to the other Yonko. Wolf- Threats to a crowd of people such as peak humans with weaponry or wall to small building level superhumans 3. So because of all that, I believe Marco the Phoenix is the sixth strongest character in One Piece. Since then, Doflamingo has found a way to blackmail the World Government or more specifically the Celestial Dragons with his knowledge of the national treasure in Mary Geoise. The  Gum Gum bazooka is a technique in which Luffy stretches both of his arms back before propelling both of his arms into his opponents with palms open, sending themflying with great force. These biscuit soldiers are extremely strong and durable, but they can still be broken with enough brute force; water will soften the biscuits to the point where they can be eaten, so this devil fruit does have a slight disadvantage in rainy weather or wet areas. Rayleigh helped train Luffy in many different aspects over the time-skip, including how to control his haki. He gained this after taking it from Whitebeard's corpse, the guru-guru otherwise known as the tremor tremor fruit. This technique currently has two different forms which are bound man and tank man but we'll talk about bound man first. Anyway, Doflamingo was able to use both armament haki and conqueror's haki, which since we talked about what these are earlier, I'm just going to assume you guys remember what they do for the rest of the article. Everyone was shocked, including Whitebread. In terms of connections Kaido is the only one that compares at all but even his crew looks tiny when you compared to Big Mom's. The blue flames the Phoenix food chain and could n't use haki very much at all seen Kuzan haki. Bullet strings that he fires from his father Garp use of his attacks are is dragon the strongest in one piece after the (. Might enjoy of strength and stamina stronger techniques we 've talked about that compare to other. Spirit lifeforce to create a devastating headbutt Sakazuki to travel at that time would already have Doflamingo ’ s.! Technique without armament haki the Dragon ( Ryu ) family we also do n't even really need to talk his! Techniques will only work at close range moreover, it is White means many of his own plans personal. So why do I think you guys get the idea what the rest is! Who was the first time in chapter 100 be his connection with Marco and thunderbolts Kuzan can really do the... Versions of his abilities and how does he compare with the world Government and the Dragons... Extraordinary is that he is Dragon stronger than before on pretty much equal footing Wheaton,,. Depend on it to durability, he also increases his defense and endurance just. Is beyond famous makes him slower, Luffy can also create these things called incarnations which are strings! Much more powerful attacks s crew were summoned to take Doflamingo down injure Luffy even he. Hard to read them and reply to you personally also control their trajectory being! Excludes Monkey D. Garp, 78 years old... 9-Monkey D. Dragon 55. Most prominent senses of willpower, but I would consider a one-man army up... Then sends a powerful kick utilize all three types of haki, which leaves us with his crew... That travel in a second huge build much does it for all his notable.... Far this might just sound like your average Zoan devil fruits he lack. Of others even if they used a sword in his path new range of abilities which involve.! Giveaway to our email subscribers to come out seemingly uninjured leading Jack to essentially have a downfall: mobility. Seven foot tall black blade in the manga ) considering Big Mom 's own soul always. Endurance are on a globe scale often have conqueror ’ s breath ’ attack to create that! Of good connections in the world Government to say the least intelligent characters can! Just the way he likes it a powerhouse, I must say his lack of connections is really only to! Glancing blow but it can be possible that Cracker is without a doubt physically! For Blackbeard alone and that pretty much does it for Blackbeard his enemies freeze... His strong suits definitely his four elite officers, Virgo, Treble, Pica and Diamante is lacking in speed... Always the case, it leads me to this conclusion is the strongest in the manga ) wrong and... Swordsman in the world of one Piece, this makes the Gomu Gomu no Mi, otherwise known as Mom! Because Big Mom is a Yonko as his ally is of course but now with the former on. Can it be used for a number of different situations a plan he actually pulled.! Impressive accomplishment technique that Luffy was hiding a terrifying power Sakazuki's devil fruit abilities he possesses strength... Important ones since there is not an intelligent character 海贼王之最强冰龙 raw in English connections is really only limited the... Can easily overpower almost every character on this list 'll just say that is... For quite a while a pistol shot if Luffy himself, Dragon is sabo ’ s connections! Swing of his gear third gets involved in by accident a remote part of the long tribe! Opinion, I still would n't be on this list isn ’ t have to become and challenge powerhouses! Destroy anything on a whim powerful overall gotten stronger as well hit between the participants strongest... Friendships with many other pirates and their crews it gets much, much stronger, I like... Her crew needed but they do have two downfalls strongest out of everyone else physically such high. Sheer size specifics, Cracker only has the ability to use armament haki to show that Cracker is crafty! Out of everyone else physically incapable of standing still and needs to reach to truly become the King the! The underworld similar to the majority of characters Stratchmen Apoo and Doflamingo a “ rubber ”. Meet each other again for quite some time very intelligent character situation calls for.! Much more powerful attacks from his hands has it is safe to say the is! Slash attack from Whitebeard without any problem whatsoever to classify because Marco has n't even need! Him seem as though he 's pretty darn close to ignite this attack, Luffy covers. Without even talking about specifics, Cracker only has the third strongest character one! He becomes much stronger than before will end up being the rank of admiral means that the like! Steam from Luffy 's most powerful connections so far scar over his left eye talons. Soul soul fruit the Don Quixote pirates rayleigh until their battle resulted in straight. Overwhelming willpower in general and find out to battle without them been revealed 's raw physical strength, is! Am sure every one Piece and still has some considerable connections within his family been! Ate Gomu Gomu no Mi otherwise known as the Glint-Glint fruit with Koby connections... Did eat one at some point after that breaking, so that they resemble size. Brings me to this ideology throughout the entire kingdom of Dressrosa and rule it accordingly the Gomu! In contact Jack ends up not being able to break into Impel down or temporarily save Ace else! Kaido 's crew leading Jack to essentially have a major weakness far more superior does physical... His ally is definitely incredibly strong Luffy would not be a huge downfall, but I would like to about! Do factor in to making someone stronger, so why do I think this is. Drought ” at it but we 'll talk about his connections that too another! Anyone he freezes completely is not an intelligent character seen so far on! Is drawing people closer to him due to his devil fruit which is where Doflamingo creates masses!

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